The Magic Piper of Ishinomaki

Video loop, color, sound

With the support of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan) and financed with a grant provided by Project DE. / MO. MOVIN’UP.

The short film The Magic Piper of Ishinomaki was made possible thanks to the precious help of Sekine Kanji (music and performance), Luigi Lupo (music) and Emanuele Basso (video editing)


The video The Magic Piper of Ishinomaki was realized two years after the tsunami of 2011 and is dedicated to the place where it was filmed, Ishinomaki, a coastal town 100 km far from the nuclear power station of Fukushima Dai-ichi. The work develops around the action of a Japanese flautist and performer. He is filmed while he walks in the desert town and improvises a melody with a flute. As in a ritual, the performer stops in front of former public buildings, houses and monuments destroyed after the disaster.


Il lavoro video The Magic Piper of Ishinomaki, realizzato due anni dopo lo tsunami del 2011, è dedicato a Ishinomaki, la città costiera a 100 km dalla centrale nucleare di Fukushima dove il video è stato girato. Il lavoro si sviluppa attorno a un’azione eseguita da un performer e flautista giapponese. Il performer viene filmato mentre cammina tra le rovine e improvvisa una melodia, passando attraverso aree deserte e devastate dalla catastrofe. Come in un rituale, lungo il percorso il performer si ferma davanti a edifici pubblici, case e monumenti. 

Position of Ishinomaki and epicentre of Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Japan, 2011
Magnitude 9 on the richter scale

Before and after the tsunami

Ryts Monet, Ishinomaki, photographs and research material, 2013


Ryts Monet, THE MAGIC PIPER OF ISHINOMAKI, stillS from video, 2014

Exhibition view at Sisters, solo show at Gallery COEXIST-TOKYO, Japan, 2014